Sunlight for a Rainbow

Dedication: All mothers who have ever been, who are now, and who will be.

Hi Angels,
I am a mother of 3 just wanting to share my hope that you can truly believe you CAN DO ANYTHING! I grew up so incredibly sickly and was told by my family over and over again how weak I was. When I became pregnant with my first child and told my father that I was pregnant, his response was, “you can’t even take care of yourself let alone another human being!” I was heartbroken, enraged, and decided to take space from this abusive and unhealthy relationship. When I tuned into the best possible path I could take through pregnancy and childbirth I realized I wanted to do it on my own. I had been giving my body to doctors and specialists my whole life, believing that somehow these professionals knew more about my own body than I did. But I felt deep down that my beloved husband and I created this baby with the help of God and I trusted that we could birth him on our own too! And not only did we have one incredible free birth on our own, but we went to have a total of 3 amazing, healthy and outdoor birthing experiences in which we caught our own children and raised them in our own beautiful and unique way! Believe in yourself, you are so strong and capable, no matter what people or your thoughts tell you!!

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Layla Verbance

I am a Reiki Master, Mother of three, and Motherhood Coach. I love supporting women and Mothers to believe in themselves. ❤️