story of Danar and me

Dedication: to Dano the only guy who has my heart i hope someday you can find it here and feel what i feel without you. in the end i still love you even if iam not around you your love still alive in my heart.

🌸, [06.08.21 03:12]
sorry my english is not perfect.
Once a day i met a guy named ( Danar ) a cute , funny, and handsome boy.
We became friends we’ve been so close to each other so i figured out he is my brothers friend so I wasn’t comfortable because of my brother so I decided to remove him in my social media apps , after a while he found me so we communicate again , i did the same mistake I removed him for second time again he found me and we texted again removing stuff happened I don’t know i wasnt comfortable…

But at the same time i had feelings for him I couldn’t tell him so last time when u stayed in touch i told him everything so he said that he will marry me . We went to a date after that date everything changed in Danar , that i Danar that i used to know I couldn’t find it anymore ..

This broke me so bad i tried to fix everything but he didn’t let me to do that I don’t he didn’t have much time for me to fix it so i quit.
I quit from all of that things i was trying to do.

Im upset , im broke , i cant breath , i cant think , i cant leave like i used the way before Danar i hope you can hear me i cant take any more steps after that im so hurt , Danar my heart is into pieces, Danar i love you , Danar i need you can you hear me , I don’t know why this happened to us we were so fine we were so cool Danar u liked the way i talk the way i behave i know I should’ve not done these removing stuff but im sorry can you hear me im sorry Danar i do apologize Danar let me see the old Danar let me see the way laugh with me the way you talk nice with me the way we were joking to each other the way you hold my hand and kiss it the way you played with my hair i miss your voice your perfume your hair your hug..