Rebirth of a Queen

Dedication: I dedicate this story to everyone who walks with me in this journey of humanitarian , it's lonely but together we make it better

Telling my story will remain the most powerful tool I possess on earth, my story starts in the year 2020.

In March 2020, I received a call of a woman crying on the other side of the call. It was at 7:30pm, 30 minutes just after curfew hours that was announced due to the rising numbers of COVID-19.

This was the message from the other side “Pauline my daughter has been defiled and I don’t know what to do”

My heart has never been this broken, I felt helpless, am just a citizen, how was I going to get this girl get help, but I motivated myself and left the house at that hour. After 1 hour I was at this girls home

A 13 year old girl defiled, and the perpetrator threatening to kill them if they dared told anyone. I was so broken but this was my time to write a beautiful story and remind this girl that she has a life beyond her trauma.

After medication, police filing and all procedures, I got this girl to my house, we travelled 2 hours at night with the police stopping us at every spot wondering what we were doing past curfew hours.

But this girl finally got a home, she gave me the reason to start a safe shelter for girls in Kenya, she gave me a reason to tell my story, she gave me another chance to live a life of purpose

So whenever am asked how and why I founded Rebirth of a Queen shelter, my answer will always be

Rebirth of a Queen is a story of my life, surviving gang rape as a teenager, and domestic violence at 19 years, living my life in trauma but one day I choose the path of healing, and the best healing for is to create a better safe space for other girls to live a trauma free society

We are in a journey, for now it’s rocky but in every step we learn, we grow and we thrive and together we can make the world a better place
Photo credit: Image courtesy of the storyteller.

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Akinyi Juma

Am Akinyi Juma , a mother to two amazing boys and a guardian to many girls that I get the privilege to raise each day. Am the founder / director at Rebirth of a Queen , a community based initiative that aims to create awareness on gender based violence affecting children and teenagers in the most vulnerable areas in Kenya We run a shelter that supports survivors in their healing journey but providing basic needs , empowerment and mentorship. My dream is to create a trauma free society for children and young women , I dream to tell my story to the world