Every woman and every girl inspires us. We are deeply grateful to those who have shared their stories about breakthroughs in their lives, the ways in which they have overcome fears, beliefs, or events that once kept them from connecting with their inner strength and recognizing their amazingness. Some of these stories are stories of pain and how a women or girl triumphed over it. As you read these stories, rather than focusing on the pain, choose to focus instead on the triumph and the ways that others have overcome what may once have seemed impossible to overcome. Let's celebrate their triumphs!

“It gives us courage”

VIDEO: S.Y. comments on why she believes it is important for women to share their stories in this conversation with Elisa Gambino, One Production Place. 

“Their story has a great impact”

VIDEO: Peace Osamede Smith shares her thoughts about the power of women sharing their stories in this brief conversation with Elisa Gambino, One Production Place. 

This is to move on in my life

Trigger warning: Before reading this post, please be aware that it contains descriptions of childhood rape, other forms of violence and abuse, and self-harm. It has been almost 13 years since I’ve told my story and even then it...

Living the Truth

I didn’t grow up with the language young people have these days around gender and sexuality. I was 19 when I first met my first gay person and that encounter started me on a path to my own self discovery. Growing up I believed to be...

Tell Your Story, Use Your Power

VIDEO: Yemurai Nyoni of Zimbabwe encourages women, especially young women, to recognize the power of their stories in supporting the empowerment of other women.

My Grandmother’s Story

VIDEO: Maureen Kanayo talks with Elisa Gambino, One Production Place, about how land rights affected her grandmother’s life in Nigeria, and inspired her own work in development.

From Bondage to Mental Freedom

Freedom is possible!!! When I say those words I literally mean it’s possible! I recall so many challenging days in my life; when nothing but inward voices, hallucinations, depression, bulimia and panic attacks overwhelmed me. It was times in...


I missed my chance…I’m such a loser…I give up…I can’t…I’m not Words well-known to my spirit. Words that CONTROLLED my FUTURE. Words that CONTROLLED me. All because I had a FALL in life. Instead of...