Just a glimps of small bits of my long life

Dedication: All vicims of violence and abuse

My name is carol n coxe i am 27 years old. I have lived a lifetime of challenges and struggle and been victim of some messed up situations in life. I was only aroumd 8 when i found out what strength really was i had been molested by moms bf and mom was on drugs and a alchohalic it wasnt long until i had to find strength to overcome the tramas vut little did i know my struggles were only getting started even though i couldnt understand completly why mom was with all the wrong men i knew i loved my mother for trying n not giving up on being our mother her bf would beat us he would tramatize us by throwing our animals into fire by placing bob wire in my path to clothes line me then one day my mother took me to a shelter and left me there were i was then placed into dhs and remained foe sevreal years even tho i never knew my father a part inside me wanted to ans knew i would one day and sure enough i was 16 and it was fathers day and i located my dad for first time in my hole lide i spoke to him i got out the system and moved to the state over to rebuild our relationahip and that fell apart fast due to our differense in opinions then i became pregnat and broke my water at 6 n half months along and placed on ned reat in hospital for two months and then deliverd my first born my son on mothers day and unforti etly lost my son the day after he was born due to his lungs failing a year later two days before v day on feb.12th i had a still born baby boy i didnt know why this was happening or how to handle it i then started rebelling more then ever until i got pregnat again but this time with a little girl i had her healthy and she survived then i struggled having a full conection with her cause i was scared of loosing her then i went through a seperation after 9 years and became ill went through chemos n all but after that it still seemed like i was stuck and it put a tole on me i went to drugs moved to another state and tore life up and lost it all lost her my job my family my self respect pride and even my idenity i moved back to previous state got clean off drugs got job n working towrds getting my kid back even i months of it all seeming impossible and like i should just give up i find strength i didnt know i had before and i manage to keep going i learned that no matter how bad situations are we can change them if we allow ourself time to get it right it only becomes impossible when we dont give it possible as a option we givs to many options then the right choice is harder to male but if we dont give ourself enough options then we may only leave ourself with the wrong one

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Carol coxe

27 female mother survivor of life in hell recovering addick and still trying to find my way