Since I was born till present

Dedication: My self

Hello im rishie …and here is my story starts since I was born till present …
I was born at 2nd April and my family got me ,when I was born my family get some changes coz they think im the lucky one , my dad get promoted n his carrier and my neighbours they get attached me very easily …then time passes

I was 5 yrs old …and I was studying at nursery I got many friend out their and I got attention by my teachers I dont know why she always pinches my cheeks ..but as time passes …I was an adult now and things where changes as I told you earlier that my family thinks I was the lucky guy …I don’t think so …coz I m not feeling that im the lucky one …every day days are being worst …At the age of 18 …I don’t have permission to go anywhere …and whenever I ask my dad or mom to get out of the places and have some fun with my other cousins they don’t allowed me to go any where it seems like im the bird who have wing but he cant fly at all I got more and more restrictions I hate my family very much …they always talk me in rude ways and they don’t even support me for my dream to being a model and I forget yo fly from since I was born till now I forget to fly im 18 yrs old now and this my story
*** I don’t hate my family but they are not understanding my thoughts and my dreams …

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