Running is so much fun

What I love about Girls on the Run. What I love about girls on the run is that all of our team members help each other say positive things to each other and how the teachers are funny and helps us get in a good mood and they run with us. What has been my favorite lesson on girls on the run is say positive thing not mean things and ignore it. What the most memorable moment in girls on the run was one time we had this 5k and we run 3.1 miles so then we were so tired parents cheered us they ran with us so then we got to pass a finish line to and then we got unicorns head bands and we got goody bags. Why I think girls on the run is much fun because we get to hang out with friends make new friends and we get snack and the most fun thing is running!!!! These are some of the things I wrote about Girls on the Run.

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