Restored, Renewed, Reborn

Dedication: To everyone going through this and to my wonder husband to be Kenneth Markel Jr babe you stuck by me through the storm I love you.

Trigger warning: Before reading this post, please be aware that it contains references to rape, including childhood rape.

we are just trying to make it in life and are out of ideas. We need a miracle from God, we are homeless and trying to restart life again. My soon to be husband and I are on the way to becoming pastors. We really need to find housing, I work a full time job and we are faced with some really scary nights out at the homeless camp, God has blessed us with being able to sleep on my mom’s floor but she’s risking everything to help we really need HELP were about to be face with returning to the streets.
We both have stories that normal people would never be able to face.
My story is bone chillingly horrible and this is my first chance at a real life with a good man.
you see growning up i was a sexual toy to my real father and he was very horrible to me the first time something happened i was four days old, didn’t even have a chance in this world before something happened. than when i was three he got arrested for hurting a girl down the street. life went back to normal for years until i turned 10 than he came back only to hurt me all over again, i felt like if i said something i would ruin what my mom and brother thought was a happier life. little did they know it was a nightmare for me. every night he’d come in my room i’d try to hide but he’d find me and put his hands on my mouth and do the unthinkable. finally when i was 12 and had enough of it i told a friend she called 911 i thought my nightmare was over but he went to prison because my friend said he did something to her and he plea bargined so he wouldn’t get charged with what he did to me than years later little did i know it would repeat again after my 20s, he came back again with each time he left my parents divirced and eeach time he came back they remarried a total of three times so far. in my 20s he drugged me and would begin to rape me all over again until I met the love of my life he saved me from my father. he told me that he was drugging me and harming me again, i tried to turn him into longview wa police department and they wouldn’t do NOTHING in fact they let him move away instead of put him back in jail. when he was around he’d always talk about what he did to me telling me he remembered the way i tasted and i had the worst life because of what he did my whole life to me. I used to do drugs to numb the pain, I used to use men like trash because of the hurt that was caused. but my love Kenneth Leroy Markel saw more than my past when he saw me. No one has ever done that before. I am reaching out to anyone who will listen and help us regain life. I need a fresh start and a good normal life. I’m begging you please help me get my story out and this is just 1/100th of my story i need to share it with the world to show woman that God can restore your hurts because everyday i smile and know i am worth everything

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Vandela Markel

i am a fighter, i'm a caring person who loves the world and wants to protect everyone