Overcome fear of school

Hello! Today i’m gonna share my story about i overcome my fear of trusting people

So,around when i was 13 i was scared to go to school cause for me school is just a place where you was being watched like a subject for experiment. I never complain to my parents or asking for excuse. Cause i don’t want to make them worried. My parents was busy working over seas, i live with my cousin and my grandma. Every holiday my parents bring me overseas, but i rarely got back in time for school… Maybe late for 2/3 days or sometimes a week. That makes me always sat in the last chair where is in front of the teacher and for me teachers are just watching me like i’m an experiment subject then later let my parents know. My homeroom teacher back then was the so called “Killer teacher” in school. And so i keep quite the whole time. But i’m just scared i don’t know why i just feel like
Oh they’re watching me… Am i wrong? Did i get a bad grade? Like that and so i tried to search in the internet how do i overcome this, i tried meditations but it doesn’t work out. I’m thinking of going to the physiologist at the first place but i think that… That will let my parents know. So everything went like that for a year i didn’t have any friends, i have trouble sleeping, i never go out of my house except going to school but one day a transfer student come and greet me. First i thought that… Aren’t you scared of me? Shouldn’t it’ll be better for you to be friend with other? I ask her and she said… It’s okay i was once in a positions worse than you i was bullied, they say i’m too smart i can’t cooperate and so i transfer here. But now that i’ve transfered it’s not the same anymore. So. Would you like to be friend with me?

I was shocked at first that there’s a person who want to be friends with me and i say okay

A year later i started to open up with her. I share why i didn’t have friends. Why i’m scared when teacher called me. And… She didn’t laugh but she said. That was all in the past. Remember what i said when we first meet? I’ve transfered now so it’s all different. Same with you i’m here now so it’s all different and next year i can be friends with other talking with teacher. I’m living a happy live now.

I just want to let you know. Even if you can’t trust anyone. One day there will be someone to help you. And even if there’s none. Be one