Now, I Look over my Shoulder

The main point is that we should always be careful where we are, just because as a female, we are more of a target to gender-based violence… I think that people should know that even though they are trying to be safe, sometimes that’s just not enough. You may have to put restrictions that you can’t go out late at night. It’s unfair, but it is a little safer… This story just happened so publicly that you wouldn’t think someone would do something like that. Like out in public, everyone could see it, but it didn’t stop the guy from violating me.

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JZ created this story as a participant in the Girl-talk-Girl program ( by Footage ( Girl-talk-Girl connects young women worldwide, using mobile digital storytelling to spark dialogue and change around the gender-based violence present in their lives. Footage is a NGO with a mission to raise voices to elevate lives through creative research, media arts, and the science of storytelling.