I’m not a victim of sexual abuse I’m a survivor

Dedication: I had a counsellor that was from the survivors trust which is a charity that helps and supports individuals that are survivors of abuse. To Carol, you changed my life Thankyou so much.

This is my story, I get labelled a victim of sexual abuse. But I’m not a “victim” I’m a survivor.

My abuser was my father, he started to abuse me at just the age of 5. He abused me for a decade, untill I found the courage to tell my mother about the abuse. He was also the main reason for my eating disorder. At the age of 13 I was diagnosed With anorexia nervosa.

I was labelled a naughty child all through high school, but I wasn’t a “naughty” child. I Was just trying to find a way to survive the sexual abuse.

My father got sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Many people in my life thought I wasn’t going to succeed, they thought That i was failure. But I am not.

At just the age of 17, 2 years after revealing to my mother about the abuse, I am a published author who is raising awareness of childhood sexual abuse.

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“Don’t tell your mummy”
By CSM Cason

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