My sexual assault stories

Trigger warning: Before reading this post, please be aware that it contains descriptions of childhood sexual assault.

I’m not gonna include any names or in depth detail because I am 15 and I don’t want anyone coming at me for anything.

When I was around four or five and my parents had gotten divorced we had to move in with my grandparents and my mom was in and out of the hospital after being in a very traumatic car wreck, she was T-boned by and 18 wheeler, and I would go spend the night with my aunt, my cousin, and my great grandma who lived in the house right in front of us. I woke up one night while I was spending the night with then and I was scared because someone had touched me in my sleep, my aunt picked me up and walked me to my house told my father what happened and next thing I know I’m at the hospital being forced to do a r@pe kit. I went to talk to a detective about what had happened and my father had told me over and over that it was “just a bad dream” and “it didn’t even happen” Whoever attacked me never got charged and I have still yet to get the justice I deserve.

Around late January to mid February 2020 I was at a neighbors house babysitting because the neighbor was never sober and his wife needed help with the kids, one of the children has severe ADHD and is hard to manage and keep out of trouble and there was also a two year old, I helped his wife get the baby to sleep and went to the laundry room where I would sit on the washer and work on school assignments while I had WiFi. The neighbor who I’ll call “N” was drunker than a skunk and was also higher than a kite; N got up and walked into the laundry room and was being too touchy and wouldn’t go away and, me being extremely afraid of men because of what happened when I was a kid, I just froze I could not move. It felt like the farther I backed myself into the corner the farther out the wall and shelf would get. I sat there frozen, couldn’t move, couldn’t get away, I honestly believe if it wasn’t for his wife calling him to make his son go to bed I may have been farther hurt, I went to a detective a week or so later to give my statement and talk about the incident more in depth and the detective asked all of her little questions and then without missing a beat she looked at me and asked “well what were you wearing?” I still have not gotten my justice but I am not done fighting for my justice.