my life

Dedication: to the world

I always have something in the deep of my heart that keeps talking to me on and on and I can hear it.
about the past, I am a little sad and angry but there’s nothing that I could do right now. my life has changed and we moved on.
we have three dogs I can’t say how much I loved them and its very funny because they are three women like us my mom my sister and me.
after my dad died we were awful and my mom was very strong those days she was there for us and I was 18, my sis was 22…it was bad.
but we build it together and our first dog she helped us with love and sharing the love…
sometimes I think to myself that our life it’s like tv-series with lots of drama stories and I have much to tell maybe one day I wrote everything that happens and everything that I think about.

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peace, love, respect