My life

My name is Akeelah my life has been on a bumpy road. At the age of 7 my mom went to prison and i had to keep all my feelings held on the inside.I had to go 5 years without a mother I didn’t even know who was going to teach me things women had to know. When I was 12 years old my mom got out of prison my heart was warmed but I had lost a piece of me the year before. My aunt Kimberly died she took care of me and my brother when my mom left. She use to sit down next to me and ask how i feel i couldn’t say anything. When she died I cried myself to sleep thinking about how i didn’t get to say goodbye. All i ever wanted is to let her see me walk across the stage when its my time. I use to spend my time getting in trouble at school all the time. Now i’m trying to get my education so i can pursue my careers of being in medical services, Performance arts, Graphic designer, and Influencer. I’m trying to make everyone proud so I can grow up and tell my story all over the world to let every kid know its ok to be sad and cry. Just live your life to make everyone proud and be able to look up and tell them you made it. Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward.

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Still growing up in 8th grade right now.