My Coach

i’m not completely sure where to start if i’m going to be honest . hi my name is daniela molina and i was a part of girls on the run for about 5 seasons . and it was probably the best decision i made in my middle school years . if you asked me in my second season what made it so amazing i would have started with our main coach , mrs . rebecca rackley . but as the seasons went on i can definitely say that it was the energy that everyone created as the season went by . at every first practice everyone would be so quiet but closer and closer to the 5k everything seemed to come together and we were all like a little family . if there is anything i’d like to share from my story was the person connection i created with mrs rackley . to this day i talk to her from time to time and it’s so amazing seeing someone with such a good heart looking after me even after all this time .

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Girls on The Run International.

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