My Christmas Miracle

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. I love to snuggle up to the amazing hallmark movies and see all the love and magic. Yes, I know its all acting and made to be like that but its that feeling it gives you. This year like last me and my husband are struggling and trying to get through the holiday season and make it as special as we can for the kids. The tree that we had last year was very old it was given to us from my husband’s aunt when cleaning out grandmas house finally it was falling apart there was no way it was making it through another year. I tried to figure out our bills to be able to pick up the Christmas layaway, make sure the shut-off notice got paid, set aside money for gas and food for the next 2 weeks, but I could not figure out how to squeeze the money out to get a tree. It broke my heart when my 8-year-old came to me and said, “Mom why don’t we have a tree.” I didn’t know yet how to tell him we did not have the money for a tree it was hard enough telling him it was going to be a very small Christmas. The day my husband’s paycheck went into the bank account I instantly paid the shut off for the electric, scheduled out all the other bills that needed to be paid, subtracted money for gas and groceries, then when to the store to pick up the layaway. The store was crazy in the area of the layaway and as I waited there I kept looking at the trees wishing that we could get one for the boys and a few things for their stockings to make Christmas just a little bit more magical for them my youngest is only 2-years-old so he is surprised with everything. When my turn finally comes and I hand the lady my receipt and she scans it and tells me my total is under $20. I know this is not the total given that I am the only one that knew about the layaway so I ask her if she is correct. She then looks at the monitor and says, “That’s what it says so that’s all you pay.” I have no idea how my layaway was cheaper they gave no explanation all I can think is I heard of people paying on random layaways when I was younger maybe that is what happened. I wanted to cry it was a Christmas miracle to my family we were able to get a few small stocking stuffers and a tree for the boys to enjoy. Next year I hope that our situation is better than so I can pay it forward by helping a family in need.