My American Angel

My name is Fadumo Ali I live in Minnesota when i moved to United states i met friend that i Los 2010 because of cancer she was my American Angel she helped me to improve my life and rice my little boy she was the shoulder that i can cry when i need her she was there for me and my 11years old son he was new born the time i met my sister different mother she was white and i am black she was not Muslim i am Muslim to lose Rachel Sandy was my nigh mire to meet her was blessing from God she sacrificed my life lot of times i miss her day and night and she lived my heart as long as i live she was given person. When it was her last days of her life i visited in the hospice and she was and her wilcher and smoking cigarettes i looked at her and she said Fadumo cigarettes are not killing me cancer is killing me and she have tires in her eyes and i ask are you crying that you living as and she said no i am crying because i am living this world poor and i am not living you and your son anything. I cry very hard and tell her she men to as ever thing we don’t need money we need our sister our mother because she uset call my son her son she was my American Angel i will never forget her

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Fadumo S Ali

I am single mom with three kinds too back Somalia one son with me