Moving Forward!

Why is getting involved in your community as a GOTR coach or volunteer so important? I am a special education teacher at a Title 1 elementary school. I began our GOTR club at my school with another teacher because there weren’t any clubs for girls & the other teacher and I love to run! We have had GOTR at my school for several years since then – the students in our first GOTR club are now Juniors & Seniors in high school or are recent high school graduates. Being involved in the community is important to me, however, I want my involvement to be inclusive of all. That’s one reason why I love GOTR. Our GOTR clubs have always included students of various ability levels, various disabilities, various ethnicities/cultures, and various economic backgrounds. Because GOTR emphasizes using your talents, abilities, and gifts to take care of you and to help your community, it is very inclusive. You don’t have to be a “runner” to participate. You can walk, skip, jump, hop, whatever your gifts and abilities allow, as long as you keep moving forward! GOTR helps the students recognize and celebrate the special and unique qualities each of them possesses and how to use those unique qualities to move them forward to great things!

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Girls on The Run International.

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Becky Hamlin