Mistake that ruined my whole year

So basically, I was a very good student, if it came to studies, discipline, both. I was just trying to impress each and every teacher, so that they think good about me and make me incharge. So firstly, geography ma’am was the one who got impressed by me and made me incharge, then english ma’am, then maths sir and Hindi, Sanskrit, Bio ma’am were also impressed at a peak by me. I’d almost created a good image in like front of every teacher, but who knows when things turn and life changes. Everything was going happily until 28th, I laughed a lot, enjoyed every second in school, every class, jokes, laughing everything… While on 29th, when the school was about to over, a guy named A in my class told a secret in front of English ma’am and whole class.

It was English period, ma’am had just completed the english literature syllabus, and whole class was enjoying. I was a kind of kid who cracks joke and makes class laugh. Monitors were minding, and writing the names whoever was talking. A kid was talking continuously and ma’am got mad and beated him in fun, whole class was laughing, and to make class more funny, i started to do some dance steps in a tiny way. Ma’am saw that and said “Write S’s name too” while coming to me in a laughing mode. I, ma’am and whole class was laughing a lot and while the monitor was just writing my name

Meanwhile, A said “Yes write her name, S***** D******, spelling S-*-*-*-*-* D-*-*-*-*-* -*” Ma’am was just about to go to him and beat him too while the class was laughing, but he continued and said “She slapped me on tuesday” whole class from laughing to went like “Ooooooooh” like they all were shocked hearing that. While my some friends knew about it so they were neutral. Ma’am was also shocked. She couldn’t belive that I had slapped A. She was looking dissapointed while I just felt secure to keep my head down at that time.

When all the van students were gone, ma’am said to me in a calm way “You shouldn’t have slapped him, if you do it again, I may give a call to your parents”

That hurted me the most, the teacher whom I liked the most, and I was a favourite student of her, she only said like this. I know, it was her job to keep the children in discipline and the thing I’d did was ultra violent, but still, after hearing her statement, I couldn’t just control myself and bursted into tears.

I asked ma’am if I could tell her the whole scenario happened and clear this thing right now, she was okay with it, and then i continued telling her the whole scenario happened on Tuesday, that was 26th April.

I started to say like,
”So ma’am basically that day, A was collecting the computer registers for checking. He came to me to get my register, he took it and went back, ignoring my friend who was sitting beside me. My friend, V, said to sir ‘Sir A is ignoring me’ and A replied to her saying ‘Yes, you deserve to be ignored afterall’ (in joking way) I also supported A and said like ‘Yes, you actually deserved to be ignored V’ (while laughing). V got hurt by that thing, and said to me ‘I hate you’ I felt kinda bad for her, and I said ‘Ok, if I slap A, will you be happy?’ V said ‘Yes, yes, that would be best’, I called him in lunch period to me, asked him to bend (we both were laughing at that time and he was just clueless why are we laughing and what we gotta do) and as he bent I slapped him in a jokingly way (it was not hard slap, just a soft one). I wanted to make that scene funny, but A felt that slap serious. He didn’t replied to that slap, and just sat on his seat to eat his lunch. I understood his expression and so did Vedika. We both got worried seeing his serious expression. We both had thought it would be a funny scene, and A would forget it thinking it as a joke. But that didn’t happen. I ran to A to say him sorry, but he just ignored me. In every period that day, i tried talking to him, but as a reply he just ignored me saying “I don’t wanna talk to you”. I was kind hurt. He was my friend, I felt really guilt that i slapped one of my friend just because of one another friend.”

After hearing this, ma’am was really mad at me, and I was just standing in guilt. I was asked to sit down, and as soon as I said down, i started to cry hiding my face in my bag. This all was happening, when my class teacher, R.A. came, she was curious to know that why am I crying. Now whole class was aware of the incident, they all told ma’am about it, and my class teacher got super angry on me. She scolded me, asked me to write an apology letter, and said that if this would happen ever again, she would straight away call my parents”
I was just hoping to reach home, so i get a safe place to cry, my bestfriend came towards me and confronted me saying “It happens, it’s okay, everything will be fine don’t worry, you don’t need to cry this much, now stop” She said giving me her hankie. I felt good for a moment, and as soon as I reached home, I told my mother everything that happened. (Actually she already knew that I had slapped a guy in my class, and she had already told me that it was a wrong thing and I shouldn’t have done that)

I was crying a lot, and instead of scolding, I was thankful that my mother said, “It’s ok, you are a kid only, every kid gets scolded in one or other thing it’s normal. Your teacher scolded you because she wanted you to get in the right track, you don’t have to feel bad about it at all. Just keep in mind to never do such a mistake again, mistakes happen, we are humans only, not everyone is perfect.”

I felt really good after hearing this, but still I couldn’t just stop crying.
I know crying wasn’t an option, but i was really worried that in whole school this thing would be spread like a perfume, and every teacher will start hating me, and my all respect will be gone that I had earned.

So I decided to just cry, because crying helps to forget any incident.

I will never say sorry to that guy ever now, because he never valued my “Sorry”
It’s true ‘Whatever happens, it happens for a good purpose’

I got to know reality of someone and a lesson from this thing that I would never forget.

But I know, everything will soon get fine, because god very well knows that in which kind of intention, and how did I slap him. I’ll try my best to earn the respect that I lost again, and if I can’t, I’ll just understand that something more good is meant for me. Life never goes in a straight path afterall, ups and downs always come. Let’s see what happens…