Metamorphosis: Finding your passion, finding your purpose , finding I

Dedication: Yes to all the young girls who are suffering in silence. Know that one day you will be set free. Love always, Cindy

My name is Cindy Tawiah and I am originally from Ghana, West Africa. My life at an early age began with physical abuse and if it hadn’t been for a teacher who believed in me , I would have never found my passion, purpose or my self esteem. My journey to my purpose began in Ghana, when my Chemistry teacher taught me how to make nail polish and lipstick because I was failing his class. I was inspired when he introduced me as a Chemist and Cosmetologist during a school science fair. Opposition from my parents who wanted me to go to medical school led me to become an RN and acquire a Bsc in Health Studies.

I’d lost myself and for 13 years had worked hard without fulfillment in my field. I’d finally summoned the courage to leave in 2003 when I heard the words: “Change your focus to change your future.” After facing rejection from banks and leasing agents. I found a location which gave me an opportunity to open a hair salon. With no formal training in the hair business, I was considered a business risk. God allowed me the ability to sustain for five years and acquire experience. Turnover of staff was one thing I was unaware of in the industry, so when I experience a huge decline. A question posed by a friend led me to a realization of the real reason I had opened a Salon: Beauty products. My friend had questioned why I’d come into this field of work in the first place.

I realized fear had held me back all those years, and even when I thought I had the faith to leave nursing and pursue who What I loved, I was still hanging on the peripheries. Diva by Cindy was born in 2007. A natural alcohol free hair care product with extreme detangling ability would address one of the main hair issues for women; shedding, breakage, hair loss, damage and dryness. We came up with “The Detangling effect.”

As a former victim of Domestic Violence, I felt a great need to reach out to those who had been through a similar plight. Over the past five years to present time, we have been transporting women from transitional homes and shelters for a day of beauty and healing. The Diva Project is fueled from sales of the Diva hair products. My passion for women and beauty wouldn’t be complete without a purpose.

I have a deep understanding of the following: “Your gifts are not about you, leadership is not about you, your purpose is not about you. A life of significance is about serving those who need your gifts, your leadership, your purpose.”

I would love to share my story with your audience to inspire and motivate those who are seeking a passion and purpose filled life and desire to develop a business enterprise as well. Spirit is a currency and I thank you for helping me change and heal the world “ one diva at a time !”

Love and Light, Cindy

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Cindy Tawiah

I am extremely passionate about women’s issues and healing and empowering women. We each need to speak and own our truth in order to be truly free.