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Dedication: Passion

Hello my name is Aisha Rana. I have spent major part of my life in studying Engineering and Alhamdulillah I am a Telecommunication engineer now. Although art and Engineering both fields are like two different poles of world but during all this journey, my love and passion for Sketching and painting has never faded and that’s why I decided to pursue my career in this field too as an independent artist. The feeling to be lost in art is the most beautiful and I want my audience to feel the same. I don’t feel like a professional one, but I love to do different experiences on my own.

I love to observe other artists’ work and learn from them. Our world is full of artist doing their jobs amazingly in different domains with different mediums but my favorite one for pen work is Visothkakvei and for painting my beloved teacher Miss Samina and Kevin Hill.

I do believe that ‘Artists are born not created’

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Aisha Rana