Mayor of Happiness City

I was a space voyager and a thought traveler and on one of such quest luckily found city of happiness. It was my first visit so I was amazed looking at its prosperity. The happiness city had everything one could imagine. The most of all it had great and happiest citizens. They were healthy, physically smart, slept well. They were rich and had highest financial and economic powers ever known to me. They had peace, mental wellness and spirituality. The most poor and third grade citizens were very happy too by just being kind and thankful.

I was impressed so I decided to become a citizen too. The citizenship award required graduation from a local city university so I got enrolled in gratitude discipline. It was an eazy course so I learnt and finally graduated and was awarded citizenship right away

I found it interesting after graduation that the only one job available to citizens was practicing gratitude.

So I took my first job and started practicing. You just needed a good positive attitude to become good at job. After some time I got everything I ever l dreamt for. Physically smart, mentally strong, lots of money, great relationships.
I realized to maintain this greatness , one was now required to practice spirituality.

One I learnt about it and practiced it primary through writing and engagement with other fellow citizens. I finally went on to quest of finding meaning and purpose of life. Once did, I was elected mayor of the city.

Now being a mayor of happiness city and as my first address as state guest on new years eve, I suggest to find your success.

I suggest that if you were to become the most prosperous, peaceful and happiest city like us, the fastest way would be to find the founder who is the source and giver of gratitude.

We found through research and observation that God created our happiness city. We found God to be unique, the only one if its kind who also created the entire universe and mankind.

Citizens of other cities found the founder in nature, others found it in themselves, some found it though science, few in religion through meditation or prays. There are many other ways and possible locations.

It would be exciting to becoming one or beating us in happiness index so I look forward to meeting your founder on my next visit or inviting one else you can always refer to our founder by visiting our visa free city . Happy new year.

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