Lift Someone Up

I have been in Girls On The Run for a year and there are many different things I like about Girls On The Run. Also there are very important things I like about Girls On The Run, they are my coaches, making new friends & the lessons & my team mates have learned. I like my coaches because they are nice, encouraging & they run with us. They also let you chose what they give us for lap counters. Another reason why I like my coaches is that you get to chose what you have for your healthy snack. Last but not least they are amazing. On Girls On The Run we have lessons before we run & one of the lessons is “Boosting yours or someone elses star power”. Boosting you or someone elses star power may make them happy. What you do is one person is felling blue or mad you go talk to them and try to cheer them up. Like if one of your friends lost something of hers or his & you can ask what it is & maybe see if you can bye them what they lost. That would make them happyer. When you are in Girls On The Run you are never going to know how is going to be in Girls On The Run. You get to know people & then you can make friends. Girls On The Run is so exciting. I have enjoyed being in Girls On The Run this year. I have relized that all of my team mates are encouraging, nice, & some are already my friends. I also just want to say that if I am not in Girls On The Run next year I will always be there to cheer people on. One other thing I want to say is that all of my coaches are amazing. One thing my coaches say come on girls you got this, you rock, & you are amazing. A few other things are our lessons that they put together for us. Thank you for reading.

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