while staring the blue sky from the top of her home sitting in the small chair , she goes deep with her imagination;

today i am going to born by the womb of the beautiful women whose husband love her the most . they never get into any argument . now i open my small eyes under the white light of the hospital . my soul is smiling like an idiot but my eyes are crying as a new born baby girl. people wrapped my tiny body with white towel, now i see my mothers face whose eyes are filled with tears and having big smile on her mouth . my cheeks feels her tears and warmth of her body . she close me with her hand and smile . i start hearing the footsteps of my father . he run towards me , he left me up in his arms now i am seeing my dad’s face he is too handsome have a big mole on his left cheek and dimples too. i am just admiring his beauty and he kiss me on my forehead .

now i am five years old ,beautiful baby girl . i am wearing a white fairy dress , my shoes are so pretty and my bag in my back is so light . i am holding my fathers first finger . i look up at his face and say “i love you dad” he look down at me with big smile on his face and lift me up in his arms and kiss on my cheeks. now we reach our home small and sweet home, i see there are a lots of delicious foods on the table and my moma still cooking something . me and my father with the same tone “tadha! we are home ” and my momma laugh and say ” welcome home my family ” . my dad go close to her and kiss on her forehead . i am watching and smiling for them . i go in my room which is filled with dolls and other beautiful stuffs .

now i see myself in front of some boys who are trying to give me love letters . now i am 17 years old pretty girl wearing my school uniform. i say by ignoring their letter “thank you ” and head my way toward my friends . my friends were laughing at me and i am also laughing looking at them . my bestfriend said “gretal ,are you blushing ?” and i am be like “yes i am ” . i have a lots of friends in my school . all of my classmate like me a lot . i realize there is a guy who did not give me love letter like those guys earlier but i know he love me a lot . some of his friend know he like me but no one know i like him too except myself . i try to look at him just for a second but he caught me looking at him and i suddenly look away my heart beat so fast at that moment . for my eyes he is the most good looking and kind guy all over my class and my entire world after my father .
now i find myself as a 22 year old workaholic girl . i really love working in bank wearing black suits and in front of my pc . my working time is almost off now and i am heading toward my apartment . there is someone outside my bank who is waiting for me . he is standing and checking his phone . i look at him with a big smile on my face ,he is that one boy from my school who always caught me looking at him and smile at me like an idiot .he look at me and say “why are you staring at me ,idiot ?” and laugh . i laugh little louder and say “lets go ” . he hold my hand while walking and say “i am going to make things happen on my own and make my family and you proud of me ” he is starting his own business .i feel so lucky and proud to have him in my life . we grab our dinner and separate toward each others place. i reach at my apartment . there is a photo of my family and my cute dog win . i live on my own and help my family . after taking shower i call my mother and say ” hi mom, are you good where is da ” she says “hi my daughter im good wau and when will you come home come fast i miss you so much ” . i heard some noise like someone is shouting and her imagination is over here.

“you are the one who make my son like this, its all your fault ” that is her mother shouting at her father because her brother is drug addict . that blue sky to where she staired and that white and blue sky turn into black and grey sky . there are everything opposite to her imagination . now she is in her period and not allowed to enter her kitchen room . all of her family members have sad faces . she does not even have her separate room ,she has to adjust with her older brother and one younger sister and with guests too if they come. she always wish her parents to be the parents in her imagination which is totally impossible . while remembering his school friends she remember some of his classmate who bully her because of her accident and that one guy who like her first and end up hating her . she imagine all the good stuff because she want things like that but she find everything is starting raining and she is still sitting on her chair under the sky , some drops of her tears mixed with rain and it keeps raining .

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sorry if you find it annoying and silly still thank you for reading