I’m not afraid anymore

Dedication: My late grandmother “gigi”

This was my life. High school homecoming queen, captain of the varsity cheer squad…. experienced sexual abuse/harassment while in college…leading to bad judgment/decisions after college leaving my image “destroyed” being called a porn star because of the internet. Around the same time meeting the man who is now my exhusband (we have 10yr old twins) who still today is abusive. I have a 3 yr old son that I conceived almost 6 yrs after the divorce while dating an abusive boyfriend.Throughout all of the abusive Year’s I have become someone that I couldn’t be more proud to be. I don’t feel like a homecoming queen who has fallen from grace anymore, I feel like a strong, secure woman with a voice now and couldn’t be more at peace with the direction my life has taken. I listened to the little voice inside of me at a pivotal moment and remembered who I knew I was all along. I’m not afraid anymore. I want my story to be heard and seen in hopes of helping another that may feel they can’t. Vocalizing my “voice” has been the most empowering force for me and continues to be daily. I would like to broadcast my struggles and my continued journey for justice. The crown I wear now is of love and happiness and at the end of the day that for me and all involved creates peace. BE FREE! Thank you for your time

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Brooke Murray Lanier