I love GOTR

Does your school have girls on the run? Mine does and I am a part of it! This is such a fun program. One reason I loved the program so much was because of all the amazing friends and memory’s I made! My coaches were the best to. Some of the memorys I made would be when we got to help the environment by picking up the trash around our playground at my school. Another memory I made would be when I got to be indoors for one lesson and played all kinds of games! The very last memory I made was when me, my team and my awesome coaches ran a 5.K and before it started, my dad surprised me to run it with me! My team and coaches were so fun, but when I found out that we could not do another season I was not ready to leave all my new friends and my awesome coaches. I hope that your school one day does girls on the run, and if they do I hope that you may try to be on the team!

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