International Confederation of Midwives

“Women want this care”

VIDEO: Sara Marie Forrest Jaimes, CNM, discussed her commitment to midwifery, to gender-equality, and to helping women have dignified births.

“My heart is full”

VIDEO: Joanne Rama tells her courageous story of overcoming racism and family violence while celebrating her role as a midwife.

“We walk side by side” 

VIDEO: Mitra Kadarsih discusses the diversity of Indonesia, and how midwifery embodies inclusive, non-judgmental, women-centered care that empowers women.

“Never give up”

VIDEO: Ava Vosu & Charlotte Toogood, mother and daughter midwives, share their perspective on perseverance, moving forward, and appreciating the inspiring people in our lives.

Realizing “I can do this.”

VIDEO: Esther Mast, a nurse-midwife who has lived and worked in the U.S., Haiti and Burkina Faso, talks about helping people realize their strength.

Accept the Challenges

VIDEO: Andrea Jordan, a midwife trained in the U.K. and practicing in Barbados, shares her story and encourages women and girls to learn from the challenges in their lives.