My feet pounded against the cold hard sand. My heart raced as a bolt of lighting struck the ground. The wind trashed but I refused to back down. The world seemed to be spinning faster than usual, knocking me off balance. The winds took over me and thrashed me in the air. The waves came crashing in and towered over me. Today was the most terrifying day. It happens every ten years on December 31st. The wind would overtake us and the water slam us to the ground, trying to drown us. People call it Terror Day, one the of the worst days in the universe. I was not afraid of Terror Day. I kept running because something urged me to keep going and never give up. I had hope and compassion and friends. Terror Day didn’t stop my courage. There is always hope in the world. You have friends and friends will always be near. You have to be brave and push through your fear. The only way to believe is to believe in you. I will never give up and I will always be me. When the world stops, I will not go down with it. That is what Girls on the Run can do.

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