A Better Future

I’ve faced many of challenges. Well to start, I was a caregiver for my mom at the age of 13, and that had a huge impact on my school life. I would constantly get bullied and also didn’t have much friends because I simply didn’t have the time to hang out. Then back in 2016 when I was 15, my mom passed away . So school became much harder especially being in high school. I started ditching, roaming the streets, getting bad grades, self harming, just basically not caring for myself or others. My dad and I didnt have the best relationship due to him remarrying two months after my mothers passing, so I was semi homeless and bouncing from house to house. My self harming got really bad, I even attempted suicide a few times. I just didn’t have a care in the world because i didn’t have my mom to guide me through the hard times and I just lost her way too young. Although I haven’t thoroughly worked with my challenges, I have gotten better with dealing with them. I started going to counseling and support groups. I started back writing poetry and finding joy in music. Being in marching band during high school really helped me survive because I felt like I had and actual family there and i was doing something i loved dearly. Now that I am freshly out of high school, I will be going to college to study nursing and hopefully build a better future for myself.

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