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For the longest time I struggled with my weight and it would effectively put me in a bad mood. Then the thoughts came after, in deafening waves.
“You’ve gained weight.”
“How could you have let this happened.”

Then there’d be days where I’d catch my reflection in the mirror & I’d utter in disgust.

What I hated the most was the fact that I knew what I needed to do to feel better. I needed to exercise more & eat more healthy. I tried everything and none of it stuck.

But the problem that lies herein is this:
I had no discipline. I was lazy. I procrastinated. I saw exercising as a chore, as a method of losing weight. It manifested into something worthy of procrastination. I will never run out a supply of excuses like “I’ll exercise tomorrow.” “I’ll exercise after I eat.” “Its too late (or too early).”

This combination of self-hate & laziness is catastrophic.
It sucks the very liveliness out of you, forces you into a rollercoaster that only goes down.
It drained me & yet no refills were made.

Fast forward to August 2018.
I decided to do the 9in6 challenge. It kept me accountable. It made me stronger (emotionally and physically).
9in6 has also given me what I longed for the most: consistency.

I longed for consistency in my life. The discipline to follow through with plans.

My lifestyle has changed. Going to the gym excites me now. My dreams won’t let me sleep. There is something inside me who encourages me.

I’ve worked damn hard over the last 8 months, possibly the hardest ever.
I completed 3 challenges.
I dieted, trained, depleted, struggled, injured, and trained whilst depleted but didn’t give up.
I ran. I walk. Some days I ran in the morning, then trained and then walked in the evening.
I wasn’t going for the gold medal – I was doing it for myself.

I was fuelled by the enjoyment of seeing progress, but also by the pain and discomfort of each day. I knew these moments would make me become who I needed to be for myself.

In 2019, I’ve seen myself build a better physique, a stronger body, a much improved fitness.

Yes, abs are pretty cool to have..
But for me and perhaps most of you, nothing can measure up to the feelings of the internal growth you can have from being the master of your mind and health.
…Be bold in your pursuit of your dreams.
…Stay consistent in your efforts.
… Live life on your terms and go against the grain, if you have to.
… Feel the fear… And do it anyway!

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Anuja Sharma

Hi, I am a housewife and a mother. I believe in positive mindset. Thanks for having my story.