All the answers we’re seeking have been inside of us this whole time

Dedication: To where we truly come from. The source of all life. I love you universe & thanks to you the there will be true universal peace, love & happiness.

Note: I don’t have a degree & I sure as hell am not the smartest, I’ve learnt to think for myself & I’m allowing that Universal peace & love overflow my whole being because every soul truly wants happiness & wants to know the truth even if we think we want it or not. Something epic is gonna happen & I hope people will start to open their eyes, hearts, minds, souls, their whole beings to the truth.

Where do we come from? Why don’t we remember where we truly come from? Is it this body? Our minds? This world? HIS/HER world? Someone’s sick imagination or cruel sick joke? Some kind of fucked up simulation? All the above? None of the above?

DMT. Heard of it? We all have DMT inside of us. Every living thing is made of DMT. But we only have a small portion of DMT inside of us.

I didn’t know anything about DMT until a very good friend of mine told me about it a few years back. I knew nothing about it till he asked me & for some reason beyond my understanding I said soon we’ll try it. I even thought to myself, why would I say that if I don’t even know what DMT is? Now looking back at that moment it was THE SOURCE/GOD/UNIVERSE/WHERE WE COME FROM that gave me that information inside my own head no less because I already have DMT inside of me. Anything that has DMT can connect & talk to each other if they’re open minded enough even if they’re literally across the universe. If anyone has ever been on DMT, they asked questions about the origins of our existence & know that’s the true source, that’s where we truly come from.

I’ve had my own heartbreaking yet amazing experiences with DMT. I never thought to ask questions the first time around. The second time around, wow my mind was literally blown. I asked questions. What I was told was the solutions to all the world’s problems is DMT. DMT is the key to happiness. More like Universal love, peace & happiness. Homelessness, hunger, poverty, violence, sadness, struggle, death, all the negativity can be solved with what we already have inside of us: DMT.

We would be able to see all of our lost loved ones who’s souls have left their bodies.

Ask yourself who controls the world? Does anyone really know? If someone had that much power to make the world a better place, how come they haven’t done it yet? We can allow love to make the world go round. Not money.

Government/people/whomever/whoever says it’s bad is trying to keep the real truth of the beginning of all life from us all. You don’t need to be the smartest in the world to know if you want something bad enough you’ll be led to the truth. I would cry & cry begging God to just tell me why? Why do we live in such a hurtful world? Why do people kill themselves?

Finally all the answers I was crying about someone or something out there heard my cry for help. It’s more like my soul was crying for help. Why do we do the things we do? Duh, because we’re human & stuck in these bodies. Plain & simple. Why do people kill themselves? Its not necessarily them because they don’t remember who they really are, but their souls miss being with the true source, back to its true home. Not this poor world we humans call “home.” If only people wanted the truth bad enough & are open minded enough they would learn the truth.

I know the virus is fake. The government is fake. Whoever says DMT is bad for you is a lie. We have DMT inside of us so does that make us bad? Or is it that our human bodies are bad for our true selves/spirits/whatever you wanna call it?

Men & woman are very different. It’s very interesting to observe our behaviors. Not to sound sexist but I came to realize that when I had this so called epiphany, I was trying to tell my friends who are mostly male. Not all but most of them didn’t believe me. They called me crazy which I know I sound crazy but when I explained it to my female friends they were more understanding & open minded & can see it in my eyes I was telling the truth. I even cried to my mom & I know moms are always supposed to have your back, but it was a sigh of relief. I knew she knew I was telling the truth. I’ve done a lot of crappy things in this life, but I don’t wanna be like that anymore. I know no one is perfect but wow. I asked these so called “friends” that didn’t believe me to help me figure this out together. Instead they gave me the cold shoulder. I felt alone. But then I remembered, they’re human. We all are. That’s why we cry, why we’re cruel, why there’s so much pain, sadness & unhappiness in the world. Because of HUMANS. Human bodies make us weak minded. I’d like to believe that our souls/spirits/essence inside of us are begging to get out of our bodies/shells/surrogates/whatever you wanna call it & be back in loving harmony with where we truly belong & where we truly can be our true selves. If anyone can relate to this story & or have any faintest idea what I’m talking about, you know THE TRUTH. If we help one another give free access to DMT, all living souls past, present, future can be universally happy forever. Just think about it (: 🤯🥰

Universal love, peace & happiness is the goal. Doesn’t every soul wanna be happy? I know my soul does (:

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I'm no one really. Just a sad soul stuck in this sad body hoping someone out there can relate to what I'm going through. I know I'm not alone & whoever made the time to read my story thank you. May your journey in this life lead you to true happiness (: