My name is Nancy but I go by many names depending on who is addressing me. Some, actually one person, calls me kitten. Others refer to me as “bade” which is slang for pal or very good friend; while for many others, I will not labor to mention because the list is endless. Important to note is that these names signify something positive. I have not heard either directly or through grapevine any negative reference made in relation to me and I feel proud of myself and I thank God Almighty.

My life, I would say, began when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. For many years, I waded through life not knowing my worth and not understanding what direction I was taking. It was all routine. Get up in the morning, go through the personal hygiene process then move through the day like a programmed robot. I had grown believing that this was the natural order of things. We are born; we grow up, go to school, finish, get a job, get married, have children, grow old and eventually die. A sequence that, on the surface, had meaning and made sense but deep down there were questions.

As I grew older I began to question the purpose of my life and slowly I began to realize a satisfaction from making others’ lives much more fun and meaningful. The question “What am I living for?” began to resound more and more in me and I needed answers. That is when I heard sermons from the Bible and that caught my attention. The experience of my first and real encounter with my spiritual side is one that I shall never forget.

For many years I inwardly felt inferior about myself, thinking that I was not good enough and sometimes keeping to myself in solitude. I lacked the confidence and agility to assert myself and I settled for being called shy or timid. During my High School years I met many students from different walks of life and also with different mannerisms, some of which I could relate and others which I could not even comprehend. Every one of us had an agenda and mine was to pass my high school and get to the University. Success was my goal, my destiny, my calling and I was determined to do what it took to achieve it. My High School years though a few (two years) were full of fun and new experiences, none of which I regret.

The thing I am most proud of is that I was able to resist the highly inviting temptations that adolescence kept throwing my way. I was strong enough not to drink or indulge in any perverted exercises that were common among my peers. That I believe was one of the greatest victories of my life. I have kept the faith I have in my good Lord and I have fought tooth and nail to stay true. Although I am a little lady I have been trusted with huge tasks which I have accomplished with ease and an equal amount of relief. Just like the David and Goliath story. I have met my fair share of giants and I am still standing tall.

Today I look at myself in the mirror and I do not see the timid little girl from a few years ago. I see a woman ready and fully equipped (with all Heavenly protection) to conquer any hurdle that comes her way. I realize that I am a woman who will not be pushed to the curb by anyone who seeks to put me down. I do not fight with my fists but with prayer. I was told that keeping the faith is a task for the strong and I can say without flinching that I AM INDEED A STRONG AND AGILE WOMAN. All this I owe thanks to that one moment when I realized MY WORTH.


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Ms. Nancy Aggie Anyango