My journey weight loss

Dedication: TO every fat person who want to losse weight you can if you want to nothing is impossible

3year of my life 2015-17 are my worst nightmare my weight is 105 kg my height is only 5.6 so i look like a balloon in my school life i bullied alot my senior always come to me and they started pressing my male boobs are one day they tear my shirt I cried alot that day i came back home i cant tell my mom because she loves me alot and if i tell her about this she’ll be upset so i took up challenge i start working out and in 1 year i loose from 105 to 55 kgs now and the group who bullied me there is one guy from that group he also start working out in the same gym where I work out so i stand in front of him i deadlift 140kg and his face was like that was my best moment i answer not by saying it i prove it

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I always a guy who smile no worries at all just living my life in present i never ever thought about future