Losing my Family

My name is Lorainne im 32 im a single mom to a beautiful 8 year old girl her name is A’lani.. In 1998 i lost my dad. He had stomach cancer i was young but i under stood what was going on.. It was hard my older brother took it so hard… He was only 13 or 14 but he became the man of the house. We were poor my mom worked at motels doing house keeping. My brother started cutting grass and washing cars to earn money to help my mom & I. Until he got into some trouble and had to go to prison… He went away for 5 years. I was the one taking care of my mom.. 5 years passed he got out and was back helping us. Well he got into some more trouble and had to go back and he did 2 more years. So he had left us again… At this point i was mad and frustrated and i turned to drinking… But drinking was not going to solve anything.. I eventually i got a job and started working.. In 2014 my brother committed suicide my daughter was 2 he was crazy about his neice.. We couldnt afford to have a funeral for him so his friends started selling bbq plates and raised the money.. My mom got sick and had to be put on dialysis..this year on January 7th 2020 i lost my mom. It happened so fast no one was prepared.. My dad got us this house on a VA loan. They switched mortgage companies on us and im not authorized to speak to them. But i have been making payments since February.. Im currently not working due to COVID.. I receive unemployment.. Been struggling these past 2 months and owe them $884 i sent in half a payment in but still owe $684 its been so hard they giving me 50 days to pay or next letter will be foreclosure.. My mom didnt want me to lose her home.. But things are not looking to good..

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Im a single mom and lifes been hard