last mistake of my life

Dedication: My family who spotted me alot my best friend who helped me alot.

Sometime the point comes where you have to choose one between two.same happens with me . Hi everybody this is jassdeep kaur dhaliwal from punjab.I have passion of making friends on internet . Social media was my best place to share my views.One day i got a massege from a boy he was do handsome even i was also attracted towards him he was charming person.he use to massege me always but i don’t talk to him very much.But slowly I started talking with him i asked his location he said he is from Haryana.I said okkey.slowely he became my best year past and at that time i was in love with him.He was good . I have passed out my 12th class and he demanded from me to come to Chandigarh for further study but my family was not ready to send me .they wanted that i will go to abroad but only for him i go to Chandigarh against my parents.I start my study their and at that time that boy was not replying my masseges and even not picking my calls.I was very sad and after completing my study i went to haryana so to meet with him .there i come to know that the boy who give me big big promises. He got married to a girl and settled in that time i was regretting my mistake that on that day i have to listen my family not the person who cheated know what i topped the college and afer that i thought i will also go abroad then i also go to abroad . Their too i have topped the university and feel proud to my parents.At that time i said never believe in the outter people always believe in your family.because family is first then anybody else.the boy was regretting i now as i i was now very famous girl on every where including the social media i reseve massage too from that person at that time i said you are not mine even not of your family i have trusted at you but you dumb me I go to Chandigarh only because of you by going against my family you cheated me.Now i was happily liveing person and soul was also happy. never trust too much never leave your family for your love as your first love is your famiy