I miss my aunt

Dedication: My late aunt

I had an aunt with inner talent but never showed it. She actually baked cakes for a living and they were so delicious. Other than that she also cooked for us. She got married and soon had had children. Her first born child was named victory and her second was Shalome. I would play with them a lot. One day at church, my aunt came walking past me but for some reason I didn’t greet her. She told my mom and my mom said to me “ that’s my sister you know, when I die she will be taking care of you.” After she told me this, I thought to myself “what if she dies first.” Another day came when I fainted in the middle of the road. My aunt found me and and took me to the hospital. I was feeling dizzy for some time but later on I was feeling well. I realized that if my aunt wasn’t there I could have *died*! One day in September she decided to go to a teachers college. She also received a note asking her to bake a cake for a wedding. I had gone to my grandparents house where she sent me a happy message asking me how my grandparents were. I replied with a smiley face. A day later my grandmother told me that my aunt had died. At first I didn’t believe it but my mom phoned hardly talking but crying instead that is when I also started to cry. We went to her funeral and when I saw her dead body I cried.
Remember that your aunt is like your mother. Treat her like a mother