End Period Poverty and Period Shame.

Dedication: To young women and young girls like me🙏😘

As a young girl I passed through Period Poverty and Period Stigma. Staying with someone who could never care about me as a girl. I dropped out of school because I could never afford to buy sanitary pads, I saw many young girls attending school but as for me it was only a dream and imagination. My future was cut shot because I could never go on with education I am doing sanitary pads drive to keep girls in school and class Comfortable, so that they could never pass what I passed through. Every girl has a future and life to live. Let’s join hands together and keep our Girls in School.
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Milka Hadida Yuda

Am Milka Hadida 32 years of age, single mum not employed am just a volunteer at KenyaRedcross society. My dream is to End Period Poverty Global.