Why I love Girls on the Run

The things I love about girls on the run is that we set goals, my goals help me have fun and run for a long period of time and they teach me about how to communicate, feel sympathy and more. My favorite lesson at girls on the run is community because we work with people and places to make them better, which makes the world great in this lesson we wrote down things that can help our community we had 4 groups we had to write things that can help on each paper and then run up to the teacher and let them see the card and if every one didn’t have the same card we would start over until every one got the same. My most memorable moment is when we ran the practice 5k it took effort and courage from each team mates it was fun and funny and I liked when we ran threw the finish line because I felt proud of myself for running that long and I had improved. My final reason I love GOTR is because it is fun because I meet new people, set goals, learn from mistakes that can help me in the future one example is that I need to run at a steady pace or I will get tired quick and wont get a lot of laps finished and reason why it’s fun because the teachers are nice. GOTR is amazing and because of that I am happy this is why I like it.

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