I am not the child called it

Dedication: My story is for my two brothers, I survived to save you.

I am a survivor. I was beaten by my mom’s husband for years. He was a nasty drunk. We feared weekends they were worse. Whatever he grabbed we were hit with and my mother was no better. I was told growing up I was a one night stand baby. I don’t fit in my family as I tore it apart doing what my mother should have. I spoke up when my sister was molesting my brother then peeing on his clothes afterwards. My mom would change men and each man was abusive in his own way. I was molested for about a year before I spoke up. And truthfully I would not of done so if my brother who was already molested once was not being molested again. At 11 years I wrote a note to my teacher but I didn’t put my name or wanted to be known whom it was. I just wanted to save my brothers. One from a worse faith then already seen as the second unborn and yet to know my life. A mother who turns a blind eye. Who is never around and whom never really wanted you. Loneliness heartache disappointment and fear all daily reminders no one was going to save me but me. I am not used to sharing my story. And have jumped around a lot. But my story is of a little girl promising to save her brothers, because she didn’t feel like she deserved to be saved. Don’t wait. Speak up and survive.

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Anna Crum

I am 5 years sober, a mother, and a survivor of my past. My past made me who I am. I am stronger for it. Forgive your abuser and set yourself free. Just because you forgive doesn't mean the wounds aren't there, but at least now they can be scars.