All alone

Dedication: I dedicate this to my own inner child..

I’ve made it to 41 with a hell of life to look back on and try to gain wisdom of what my experiences have taught me and how those traumas molded me into the strong beautiful.woman I am today … it was not always this way in my past I was confused angry resentful closed off . My story is one of pain tradigy drugs alcohol abuse self hate abs I was brought into this world I wasn’t Givin the best start first my parents were emotionally neglectful they were young and as a young mother ( have my son at 16 yrs old) I understand the mistakes we make in our young years. My parents weren’t protective of me either I was sexually abused by my great uncle in my own room for many years uncle was bribing me with chocolate gifts and alcohol he was allowing me to drink at 6 yrs old and on .. neglected and abused and ignored was the start I got and I learned very young the world was a bad place.. and I can’t trust anyone to protect me or love me or teach me guidance .. I was 7 and I was alone …all this trauma on my shoulders and left alone to guide myself through life and Noone to talk to or help.or was very dark and very hard to understand how to become a woman and deal with all this pain but be able to hide it because I knew if I showed my weakness people would hurt me age 11 ….come back to hear what happe s next you really don’t want to miss this.
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Tanja taylor

I am sharing my story to help inspire and teach and navigate all women to a fulfilling life with knowledge and wisdom . So they don't need to do it alone as I did .. I.wish I had someone like me when I.was young.