The Grace of Life

Dedication: To the young people who don't believe in themselves, for the people who needs encouragement while coping in the world's pressure

How can a moment change your life for the better? I often asked myself how in the world we could encourage each and everyone to believe in themselves amidst all the confusions and doubts. Being in the world for about 23 years now is challenging. I am in the process of choosing my career path, learning to cope up with life and knowing who am I supposed to become. It is not easy but it is worth a try. I remember having a friend of mine told me “It is enough to have someone who believes in you”, and that phrase really moved me. Indeed, living in this world is tough, so it is helpful to have someone who believes in your capability as a human. I’ve always been grateful for that friend of mine, I know somewhere out there even we are apart, he is still very supportive and understanding of all my decisions in life. He has been a great reminder of how God could use a person to show grace in times of confusion.

So how in the world we could share the goodness of God? How do we continue to believe in ourselves in times of distress?

First, Acknowledge that we are not perfect. We would always fail in life. It is a given scenario. The good news is after failing, we could stand and move forward. We should not be defeated by our own thinking that we are born to fail, rather, we must think that we could survive the difficulties that life throw us. I remember learning how to use bike when I was a kid, I always ended having bruises and scratches, but I accepted what happened and still persisted in knowing how to ride a bike, so I succeeded. I acknowledged that I’m not equipped then I did my very best to learn. Difficulties teaches us to be courageous and firm.

Second, Learn to spread empathy. In this chaotic world, we could be a source of compassion and love for one another. It is not always a competition out there, make time for for relationships, people. Teach someone, share your wisdom. Love heals all wounds. I remember way back high school, a friend of mine used to teach me Trigonometry, even though I often don’t understand the techniques, He managed to be patient and nice to me. That simple gesture allowed me to see goodness in people.

Third, Allow yourself to embrace change. It is okay to change your favorite color, favorite chocolate or favorite music, it all depends on you. We are not in the world of stagnation. You could always change your style, even the way you mix your coffee. I’ve worked in a company before but I felt I really want to change my career path so I left my comfort zone and moved forward to a different route. I will always be grateful for my colleagues for the wonderful memories we have shared. There had been a lot of detours but I believe God allowed them to happen for me to grow closer to Him. It is better than ‘Ooops’ that ‘What ifs.’

Fourth, Focus on your Mental Health and Self-Care. This is a very crucial part of your life. People tend to take for granted Mental Health. We often accused people of being retarded whenever they feel anxiety or depression. We must understand that these emotions are all valid. These are real life scenarios. I came to a point when I almost lost my confidence and drive due to Anxiety, but I learned how to accept sadness and frustrations, so slowly I am in the process of healing and recovery. I am grateful for the people who stayed by my side and gave support in my battle against Anxiety. Self-care is the best gift you could possibly give yourself. In simple actions like drinking your coffee, writing your thoughts on a journal, listening to the bird’s chirping, and looking at an old photo album can ease the tension and pressure of every day life.

Fifth, Make God the center of your life. This is the most important part. Living in this hectic world makes us vulnerable and easy target for temptations. We feel empty even though we are in the verge of success all because we forget the main reason why we are alive. We must do everything to Glorify God. It may sound cliche for others but having surpassed two-different life threatening moments of my life like Car accident and Drowning taught me the importance of Faith in the Lord. In times of chaos, He has always been my serenity. He is my Constant in this Changing world we all lived in. When I established Him as my Core and Foundation, I realized how meaningful Life is.

We may not fully grasp everything that happens around us but we could control how we respond. Sooner or later, Life would teach us many lessons that would make us stronger and braver. We all have different stories to share, mine is also different. Our stories portray a big role in the society. Let us make this ride worthwhile. Let us be active in promoting peace and understanding. Let us not take this life for granted.

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Jonna Belle Abaya

I am an aspiring inspirational writer who loves reading self-care books. A Mental Health advocate who believes in the power of healing and recovery.A family oriented person who loves sharing about God's grace to everyone.