Amazing women & girls have shared these remarkable stories about breakthroughs in their lives, moments in which they have triumphed over fears, beliefs, or events that kept them from recognizing their amazingness. Some are stories of pain and how women & girls have triumphed over it. As you read these stories, rather than focusing on the pain, choose to focus on the triumph and the ways that others have overcome what may once have seemed impossible to overcome. Let's celebrate their triumphs!

There but for the grace of God go I

Everyone has heard that expression at one time or another. By no means am I a religious person, but one day, when on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to India with my dad, its meaning became crystal clear to me. My parents are of Indian descent, but...


Academic Achievement As A Way Out

When I was 12 years old we (my mother and my three siblings) moved from Colombia to the US to live with my dad, who had migrated 7 years earlier. We arrived to discover that he’d become an alcoholic and was barely making enough money in his...


My Ongoing Struggle and Pain

I can still, when I allow myself to think about it, remember the disgusting smell of beer and alcohol on his breath as he proceeded to pin me against the door so I couldn’t leave. The smell of alcohol, cigarettes never leave my mind. The...


A Trusted Mentor Makes All the Difference

It was 1997 and I was a stressed 32 year old mom of 2 young children, working more than full-time at a major corporation. I felt pressure to perform and drive business results at work because the business demands were incredibly challenging. ...


Building Boundaries

The most challenging and ongoing struggle in my life is maintaining a relationship with my over-bearing, narcissistic mother. I constantly wrestle with how to preserve my sense of self when interacting with someone who can’t see beyond...

promise to myself

A Promise to Myself

There have been so many breakthrough moments in which I crossed a barrier to self-acceptance and self-love, moments in which I chose to love me, and to stop sacrificing myself to meet someone else’s needs. I was in my twenties and was with a...