Amazing women & girls have shared these remarkable stories about breakthroughs in their lives, moments in which they have triumphed over fears, beliefs, or events that kept them from recognizing their amazingness. Some are stories of pain and how women & girls have triumphed over it. As you read these stories, rather than focusing on the pain, choose to focus on the triumph and the ways that others have overcome what may once have seemed impossible to overcome. Let's celebrate their triumphs!
women's stories

Soldier of Hope

Heart beating, tears streaming, blood running down my arm, the strength to take just one more breath. This is survival. My whole life has been a fight for life. I was born with cleft lip and pallet. Apparently the doctors didn’t know that...

women's stories


The following story was shared by a 14-year old whose life experience reminds us that we are all responsible for supporting and encouraging each other, and that the road to self-empowerment can be filled with difficult life lessons.  My heart...


My childhood from hell

Trigger warning: Please be cautious when reading this. This may offend and upset readers who have suffered something of a similar nature such as sexual and physical abuse. My name is Cassandra Pullman and I am 21 years old. This is my story of...


Take a Moment for Yourself

In a world where we as women are expected to always put others before ourselves, it can feel self-indulgent to take even a moment for ourselves in the midst of a busy day. But I say, “Take that moment!” I know we all have jobs to do...

women's stories

My Journey Into Light

The story of my journey. A year ago, almost to the day, I sat crying with my parents and brother at the dining table in my family home. I had everything. Two children who make my heart burst with pride, a keeper of a husband, an incredible job...


Spontaneity Can Reveal Opportunity

In my early teens, we moved to San Diego after many years in Newport Beach, CA. This move forced me to leave the only friends I had known and start a new life. Once in San Diego, I was tagged with the identity of “new girl” which...